We had hoped that we would be able to restart the Repair Café in September but given the current coronavirus situation that now looks very unlikely. It’s a great shame but the most important thing is that we keep ourselves and others safe.

Some other repair cafes have been looking at other ways of working. The downside of these is that visitors can’t closely watch their repairs being done and it would be difficult to offer refreshments.

So, please watch this space for further updates and keep those broken items ready for when we’re back!


Help us to spread the word that repair cafes are essential to reduce waste

I took some stuff to the recycling centre today and had a peek in the “small electricals” skip. Repair cafes help to reduce this! We had an electric mower in on Saturday, it was intermittent. I found a break in the neutral wire of the cable near the switch. The insulation was intact so it was impossible to see fault without testing. I cut off the offending bit of cable, reconnected and it worked. I stood looking at the Bosch mower in the skip and wondering if it could have been repaired.

This is the piece of cable that was replaced.



We would love to hear from anyone interested in joining our team of repairers; if you can do any one or more of the following: garment repairs, electrical repairs, electronics, mobile phones, mechanical repairs, bikes. For more information please contact:
eyamrepaircafe (at) btinternet.com

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Email –  info@eyamrepaircafe.org.uk

We are grateful for the support from Eyam Book Barn and for an Action Grant from Derbyshire County Council.