Eyam Repair Cafe is hosted by Eyam Church Centre, Church Street, Eyam, S32 5QH and meets on the second Saturday of every month except August. You do not have to live in Eyam to use the repair cafe, everybody is welcome.

What can I bring to be repaired?

We can try to repair
Toasters, Lamps, Irons, Kettles, Radios, HiFi etc
General household items
Furniture (with an upholstery fire safety label)
Items that need sharpening

We can’t accept for repair
Gas appliances
Paraffin heaters
Electric heaters
Microwave ovens
Heavy duty power tools
Electric blankets
(The above exclusions are part of our insurance conditions)
Mobile phones and tablets (until we find a repairer)

Is there a charge?
There is no fixed charge but we ask for a voluntary donation to help cover the costs of running the events.

How long will it take and can I leave items for collection later?
It is difficult to to say how long each fix will take. We operate a ‘triage’ system where each item is assessed as it arrives. That should give some idea about how long it will take to fix. It also depends on the type of item you bring and how busy we are. Front of house staff will update the progress of your repair. There is tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits available so you can sit, have a chat and relax.

What is a repair cafe

Why do we need repair cafes?