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End of year repair stats

In 2019 we completed 10 events and accepted 506 items for repair, of those 317 were fixed and saved from landfill. That also means up to approx. 8 tonnes of CO2 emissions were prevented.

That is an amazing achievement that was only made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers giving their time and expertise for free. A very big thank you to all of you for making Eyam Repair Café such a success.

The first 6 months!

Running total (Feb to July)
Accepted for repair – 359
Repaired – 218 (saved from landfill)
Percentage – 60%
Total amount of CO2 saved – 5.23 Tonnes

Thanks to all the volunteers for making this a terrific achievement.

The next event is on 14th September 2019, we are having a
break in August.

Repair figures for March 2019

The final figures for the March event:
Total number of items accepted for repair – 64
(UK average shown in brackets)
Total number repaired – 45 = 69% (66.7%)
Sewing – 12 accepted, 12 repaired = 100% (87%)
Electrical (+ Computers) – 35 accepted, 18 repaired = 51.4% (51.3%)
Mechanical – 17 accepted, 15 repaired = 88% (61.8%)

The result is that 45 items did not go to landfill. Using figures from the latest research each item repaired saves 24kg of CO2 so we saved 1080Kg of CO2 emissions.

The running total of CO2 saved (Feb +March) 1872Kg = 15,471Km or 9613 miles in the average car.

We also recovered some scrap electrical items and dismantled them. There is some steel and other metal plus hard plastic which will go to the DCC Stone Gravels Recycling Centre. Non-ferrous metal is saved until there is enough to sell to a metal recycler, any proceeds will go to group funds.

Eyam Green Group

On Ash Wednesday, 6 March, there was a showing of “The Age Of Stupid” Film to launch Green Lent (if you missed it, it’s an 80 minute film which can be found on the Eyam Repair Cafe Facebook page)

It was followed by a lively discussion in which there was widespread enthusiasm to see a greener Eyam. Suggestions raised on Wednesday evening included community food growing, energy saving, car sharing and other initiatives.

If you are interested in joining/forming a new “Eyam Green Group” to investigate community eco projects in the village, please EMAIL US for more information


Carbon Crush

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Here are six places you can get on with tackling it. For each topic there’s something you can do yourself, something you can do with others and a way to take it up a notch.