Casio keyboard

This Casio keyboard was accepted for repair at our first event on 9 February 2019. It had fallen off a table. The main damage was caused by the floor foot pedal which was plugged into a jack socket on the rear of the unit. When it hit the floor the socket was pushed backwards which  ripped it off the printed circuit board and pushed itagainst small components on the PCB.

As the item is over 30 years old there was no chance of finding spare parts. It was also far too good to scrap. Just the sort of item for a repair cafe!

On removing the damaged jack socket it was easy to see where two of the four connections had been broken. Luckily there was just enough metal left to solder on wires to complete the connection to the PCB.The socket was then glued to the PCB.

An unusual twin capacitor behind the socket was broken. Again, no chance of getting a new one so it was replaced by two disc ceramics of the same value. The ferrite bead choke was removed, the wire replaced and soldered back onto the board. Further examination found that a 68K eighth watt  resistor was broken. It was replaced and everything worked!

The owner was delighted.